Workshop「Zhuoyu project:Sophiscation in paper publication for academic rookie」

  • 2016-05-25


Place:Room 217,NCCU Research and Innovation-Incubation Center

Introduction:English journals rely on the successful combination of three elements: the first is a good paper ideas and arguments; the second is English writing knowledge and skills, academic writing basic framework and grammar; the third is to find suitable publications, reply to journal review Professional advice and reply skills. For each of these three complementary elements, this workshop will be a paper presentation, invited scholars to publish, discuss the revised paper, but also invited domestic senior scholars to write and contribute comments and suggestions.
Published scholars:Professor Szu-Ning Ping(Department of political science,NCKU)、Professor Chun-Chih Chang.(School of public affairs Xiamen University)、Wen-chin,WuInstitute of Political Science at Academia Sinica)、Professor Yu-Chung,Kuo(Department of political science,National Chung Cheng University)、Professor Tzung-Han,tsai(Department of political science,NCCU)、Professor Chang-Chih,Lin(Department of political science,NCCU)

Comments scholars:Ming-shih,Niu(Department of political science,Duke University)、Te-yu,Wang(Department of political science,University of Illinois)、Chung-Li,Wu(Institute of Political Science at Academia Sinica)、Tze-Ming,Lin(University of Texas at Austin)、Tang, Ching-Ping (Center for China Studies, NCCU)、Professor Chi-Huang(NCCU)、Brett Benson(Vanderbilt University

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Sign up Time:2016/05/25-2016/06/02

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