Workshop 「Jade Project: The Enhancement of Published Potential Academic Papers」

  • 2017-06-10

Time:June,24 2017(SAT)09:30-17:10
Place:207 Room, 2F, Innovative Incubation Center, NCCU campus
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Summary: This workshop is for the publication of the conference paper, inviting scholars to publish and discuss the revised papers, but also to invite domestic senior scholars to give comments and suggestions of writing and submission and to help young scholars to find suitable publications, reply the professional reviews from reviewers, and sharpen the reply skills of the journal reviewers.

Process: Please see the attachemnt.

How to sign up:
Sign up time:June,14 2017-June,23 2017
Tel:02-29393091 #67525 Mrs. Chiang
Duke Politics DepartmentInstitute of Political Science at Academia Sinica, and Center for China Studies, NCCU