Lecture on 「The Future Responsibility of Inter-generational Justice and Sustainable Development」

  • 2017-06-07

Time: 2016/06/21(WED)12:00-14:00
Place: Room 270114, 1F, General Building, NCCU campus
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Speaker: Professor Yuan-Ze ,Lin

Summary: Nearly a few days the rainy season of the rainy season, as well as the social hot spring reform, non-nuclear homes, long plans, as far as capitalist commodity production and genetic science and technology of the rapid development. These changes and reforms are shrouding in our natural environment and social life, and all are related to the issue of inter-generational justice. However, are we really responsible for future generations? What are our responsibilities for future generations? What is the fairness and justice between generations? Before we are looking at the current human society and the challenges we face in Taiwan where we live, do we not understand the root causes of the problems of the generation of justice and the moral basis for the future generations? From the analysis of the nature of contemporary science and technology action, we will find that the collective and cumulative nature of the current human action promote the future of the responsibility issues, break through the traditional moral and legal norms of effective areas of application. We must be responsible for the sustainable development of future generations, that is, we must go beyond the moral obligations and legal rights of the established thinking, and care for the sense of responsibility and awareness of awareness, education and system construction, to pay more effort.

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