Lecture on "Shanghai's urban redevelopment and resettlement rational consensus Governance: A Case Study of Hongkou District"

  • 2016-04-25

Time:May 13, 2016(Fri)12:00-14:00
Place:217 Conference Room, Research and Innovation-Incubation Center, NCCU campus
Speaker:Associate Prof. Daniel You-Ren Yang (Department of Sociology, THU)
Host:Director Tang, Ching-Ping (Center for China Studies, NCCU)
Shanghai's urban redevelopment and resettlement rational consensus Governance: A Case Study of Hongkou District

Introduction : After the Five-year plans of China's Twelfth Plan, the old town of Shanghai was set to redevelop. For demolitions conflicts and rent-seeking of resettlement which happened regularly in the past, the plan has a revolution in rationality. Emphasize on the open and public process, consistent standard of compensation, fair program and respect to the consensus of the residents, holding community hearings and public oversight. Demolition governance policies seems to increase the transaction cost (for instance, the "Two-stage consultation system" granting 85% of agreement rate), paradoxically accelerates the speed of urban redevelopment (for instance getting 92%of agreement from 1,500 families in 3 days) which results in increasing investment in real estate. The lecture takes the case of Hongkou District, discussing the "Consensus Manufacturing Technique" local government uses to fluence the process of getting agreements from majority in community and families. I will introduce the overview of Shanghai urban redevelopment, expond the system of resettlement and the revolution of rationality in the level of organiation and the mode of operation. Analyze the text, data, intermediary, discourse and the cultural elements used to promote the residents' agreement in social implement. Moreover, discuss how they were organized, carding the cognitive fracture experience of urban redevelopment consensus in daily world, discussing how the new policy cause social relationship tension in between and within families. The approach how fractures and conflicts are ruled, rationalized to make a high propotion of agreement in the level of society. The last of all, we will evaluate how the urban redevelopment policy reflects to capital urbanization, community governance, property right and social relationship.

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