Lecture on "Reservoir immigrants in southwest China: a Western experience in field research in China"

  • 2017-03-09

Time: March 28, 2017 (TUE) 16: 10-18: 00
Venue:  Classroom 270307, 3rd Floor, North General Building, NCCU Campus
Speaker: Prof. Sabrina Habich (Department of Sinology, Free University of Berlin, Germany)
Registration URL: https: //goo.gl/Rd3F0s
Moderator: Tang Jingping (National University of China Research Center)
Topic: Reservoir immigrants in southwest China: experience of a Western field survey in China (Chinese presentation)

16: 10-16: 20 Opening and introduction
16: 20-17: 20 Speech
17: 20-18: 00 Q & A

Registration URL: https: //goo.gl/Rd3F0s
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