Lecture on 「Internal Rivalry, External Threat and Alliance Formation」

  • 2016-12-07

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Speaker:EMERSON M.S. NIOU(牛銘實)

EMERSON M.S. NIOU 牛銘實 (Ph.D., U. of Texas at Austin, 1987) is Professor of Political Science at Duke University.  He is the co-author of The Balance of Power, Cambridge University Press, 1989. His recent publications include: “A Theory of Economic Sanctions and Issue Linkage,” with Dean Lacy, Journal of Politics, 2004; “Term Limits as a Response to Incumbency Advantage,” with Kongpin Chen, Journal of Politics, May 2005; “External Threat and Collective Action,” with Guofu Tan, Economic Inquiry, 2005; “Economic Interdependence and Peace: A Game-Theoretic Analysis,” with Brett Benson, Journal of East Asian Studies, 2007; “Strategic Voting in Plurality Elections,” with Daniel Kselman, Political Analysis, 2010;“Protest Voting: A Theory of Voter Signaling,” with Daniel Kselman, Public Choice, 2011. Professor Niou is also very pleased to have his book on the history and politics of secret ballot, Bean Voting (豆選), coauthored with Youlu Mi, published in China by the Renmin University Press in 2014 and a game theory textbook, Strategy and Politics: An Introduction to Game Theory, coauthored with Peter Ordeshook, published by Rutledge in 2015. His current projects include studies of institutions and governance, theories of voting, and politics of alliance formation.t)。

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