International Seminar in topic of “Strategizing the rise of China: development, dynamics and driving forces”

  • 2016-03-21
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Time: May 6, 2016 to May 7, 2016
Place: 113&114 Lecture Hall, College of Social Sciences, NCCU

Organizers : Center for China Studies, NCCU, Center for Humanities Research, NCCU, College of Law, NCCU, Institute of International Relations, NCCU
Sponsors: Ministry of Science and Technology, R.O.C., Mainland Affairs Council, R.O.C., Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, Taipei City Government
The conference will be proceed from the foundation of the formation of modern China, then go on to probe into the formation of Hwa-Shia Community in the historical aspect, knowing the relation between China image and world order. Looking back on the change of politics and legal system of China, and comparison of the pathways to Constitutionalism. On the same time, discuss the internal challenge in the process of China’s development by simultaneously occurring social movements and environmental problems. On the other hand, on the process of the rising of China, economics plays an important role. Other than developing new capitalism mode of China, and through integration of regional economics, expand the region in economy and trade. Last of all, we hope to discuss the impact of China rising to surrounding areas, especially for south Asian areas. We will discuss what new strategies and tools China uses in diplomacy in the vision of globe.
We will hold an International Seminar in topic of “Strategizing the rise of China: development, dynamics and driving forces,” in May 2016. We hope to connect with the globe from the basis of NCCU. Promote the academic community cross straits under the cooperation of different interdisciplinary axises. We will discuss the rising and China and the development of History and Humanity, Legal Situation, Social Economics, Politics and International Relations, through concerted efforts to explore the driving force to promote these Changes.
The subtitles of the conference are listed below:
The Formation of Modern China: Hwa-Shia Community & China Image and World Order
The Change of Politics and Legal System: Political Changes in China & Pathways of Comparative Constitutionalism
Inside Challenge of Developing China: Social Empowerment & Environmental Sustainability and Governance
The Driving Forces of Economic Growth: Domestic and Regional Economic Integration & Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics
External Impacts on Rising China: Prioritizing the Neighborhood: SEA & Engaging the Globe: New Strategies and Tools
Round Table Discussion: The Future of China and China Studies