Call For Papers: 2015 TUSA‐UC Berkeley Doctoral Workshop on Asian Studies

  • 2014-10-01
  • Digital Ruling

Dates: January 12‐17, 2015
Location: National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan

The Top University Strategic Alliance (TUSA,  頂尖大學策略聯盟) and the University of California, Berkeley will hold a joint doctoral workshop on Asian Studies in 2015.

The workshop is accepting applications for participation in a week long, intensive, dissertation writing workshop for doctoral students, doctoral candidates and postdoctoral fellows in the Social Sciences and the Humanities in Taiwan. Projects should be related to one of the following regions: East Asia, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, China, or the Asia Pacific.

The purpose of the workshop is to advance dissertation drafts and allow participants to receive feedback from faculty and fellow students, while laying the foundation for future collaborative exchanges between promising young scholars from the United States and Taiwan. Room and board will be provided on National Chengchi University campus. All participants are expected to attend all the sessions and activities during the workshop. A certificate of participation will be issued by the TUSA and University of California, Berkeley to participants who fully attend all the sessions and activities during the workshop.