【civil society】Taiwan's Civil Society Vision Series (4):When the pharmacist meets the architect--Aesthetics in Life and Cultural Practice

  • 2016-07-26

Two completely different career - pharmacists and architects, seemingly heterogeneous, but the high homogeneity of the two people, because the body also contains the old soul, love the same old things, love art and culture of the old house , The same deviant from the utilitarian personality traits, it became good friends.
When a serious work is full of brilliant pharmacists encounter a rational but full of emotional perseverance of the architect, to talk about life aesthetics, cultural practices, will impact the creative? Passion? Or can not be expected sparks? Is a look forward and full of question ? Lets take a look !


Host:Professor Ming-Hsiu,Jiang(NCCU)
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※  Qnly 30 people

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