【civil society】Taiwan's Civil Society Vision Series(3):Knowing Southeast Asia - starting with one-forty

  • 2016-06-30

In Taiwan, an average of 40 individuals have a Southeast Asian migrant workers, the fate of these families around Taiwan, many of the co-ordinators, but long-term is not understood and not be valued vulnerable situation.
National ChengChi University 
Over the years attention and promotion of civil society issues will be held on 7/20 (c) "Civil Society Salon" with the theme of "Awareness of Southeast Asia: Starting from one-forty", inviting a new non-profit organization "one-forty" dedicated to Southeast Asian migrants (foreign workers) Founder Wu Zhining and Chen Kaixiang as the introduction of people to share the story of friendly participation and assisting migrant workers in Southeast Asia, hoping to arouse public concern and support.

※Place:飛頁書餐廳(台北市新生南路二段30巷1-3號 / 金華國中旁,02-2343-2079)<br>
※Host:Professor Ming-Hsiu,Jiang(NCCU)<br>
※Guest:吳致寧、陳凱翔(one-forty founder)<br>
※How to sign up:https://goo.gl/dKcGH1

※  Qnly 30 people
※  Fee:$NT100