Zhuoyu project:Sophiscation in paper publication for academic rookie

  • 2016-02-25


Acedemic Journals is the place where researchers show their acheivements. Therefore, acedemic rookies often can't get proper access and get frustrated. In order to guide young scholars on the way of publishment step by step, Center for China Studies, NCCU, Institute of Political Science at Academia Sinica and Duke University Department of Political Science jointly organized this project, hoping to accompany acedemic rookies, overcome the hard time of publishing acedemic Journals confidently, and open up a new horizen of one's acedemic life. 

Content:The project plans to invite remarkable senior scholar aboard, on the implementation level help and accompany acedemic rookies, from composing manuscripts, selecting Journals, to review comments.  Gradually tutor the participant to finish the publishment.
Deadline:March 20, 2016
Target:young scholars interested in publishing papers(Including post-doc, PhD, teacher)
Subject:Political science, Public Affairs, China associated topics perferred
How to:
For people interested, please provide manuscript for 8000 words or less in English to join in the initial screening. Please compose in APA format, then e-mail to cfcss@nccu.edu.tw, titled "Zhuoyu project - Name".
Attendants chosen will be noticed before March 31. One will need to attend paper composing workshop before May since there will be a paper publication workshop on June 4, and one will get modification suggestion before September 20.
Contact Information:Center for China Studies, NCCU, E-MAIL: cfcss@nccu.edu.tw