Recruitment of summer part-time labor-type assistant

  • 2017-06-02

【Operating hours】
 From July to September, 2017 ,  weekly work hour needed to be 15-18 hours, that is, every week 5-6 hours (working hours for Monday to Friday morning 09: 00-12: 00, 13: 30-16: 30 pm).
【Work place】
Office of Research Center, 2nd Floor, Center for China Studies,  Innovative Incubation Center, NCCU
【Work content】
Mainly for the office administrative services (including photocopies, send documents, send e-mail, visitor services, answering official telephone, office clean, etc.), collecting information, academic activities support, temporary administrative services support.
Job treatment
Bachelor class salary of 133 yuan / hour, the monthly salary of 7980-9576 yuan (according to the scheduled number of monthly fixed salary, to enjoy labor insurance).
Department of school students, a sense of responsibility, patience, initiative, responsive, familiar with the computer office paper processing, poster repair or production, is willing to learn with a hint of enthusiasm. 106 years after 10-12 months can continue to schedule 5 hours, please specify.
Please send your resume (name, department, contact telephone, specialty, other relevant favorable conditions or information, etc.), 5-6 can schedule, student card scan file, send to before 6/13. Tw mailbox, and use the title "Recruiting Labor Assistant - OO (name)". Written data review qualified, will be notified by another interview, no interview, without notice.
【Contact 】
Tel: 02-29393091 # 67525
Contact: Miss Chiang