Lecture on 「 Emergency Management Change in the Big Data Age: From "Big Data" to "Great Emergency"」

  • 2017-05-24

Time: June,13 2017(TUE)12:00-14:00
Place: 2th Conference Room, 7F, Administration Building, NCCU campus
Speaker : Associate Professor Li-Min,Zhou
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Summary: Big data fosters the change of the traditional split "small emergency" to the integration of "big emergency." Under the big data,  large emergency management framework includes two levels, that is, large emergency data thinking applications and large emergency data technology applications. The former includes large management pattern, large process reengineering, large process management and large social governance, which includes large data unified platform and large data analysis technology. Yangjiang model is a "big data - big emergency" reform brand, it has a "1 +1 + 1 + 1 + N" integration ideas, "horizontal to the edge, vertical in the end" integration goals, "emergency network" governance network platform, "emergency map" process reengineering, "public domain" in the large social participation, large emergency information sharing and large data support technology. This model is conducive to adaptations such as from the passive response to the initiative adpt, from fragmented management to large emergency integration, from decentralized management to large cooperation system, from hysteresis to rapid response to the level of change, there are also how to implement emergency warning into effective How to avoid over-emergency, how to further access and into other departments, how to achieve large emergency management innovation, how to achieve large data is greater than the small data effect, big emergency is greater than the small emergency effect and other issues. There is no doubt that this emergency model based on the "big data" thinking and departmental integration has great theoretical potential and practical tension, which provides important theoretical thinking, policy reference and practice guide for the emergency management reform in mainland China.

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